Knowledgable Agriculturalist

Art by Narwhal9:

Part of a complete balanced breakfast!
Batteries not included, some assembly required.

Sea Snakes and House Plants (06/2006)
Withersoever Thou Goest (12/2005)
Field of vision (10/2005)
Timesnails and etc (08/2005).

Updated June 14 2006

Willkommen to my digital archive,
this page contains arts that I've made
in the last year using such media as
sharpie, pencil, paints, pastels, and more
take off your coat and stay awhile.
don't forget to post more stuff on the
pancakes forum as it seems to be
lacking in content.
Well I guess thats about it...
Remember the 80's?

knowledgable acriculuralist
a division of the pancakes and dreams network